About The Soccer Box

Welcome to The Soccer Box!

At The Soccer Box we, instead of large open spaces, chose to create small training spaces with numerous rebound opportunities. Why? Because small spaces, with numerous rebound opportunities (concrete jungles), are where the greatest of the game have trained and honed their skills over the last 100 years. At The Soccer Box, players will get more touches and more repetitions with the most important skills of a game, deceptive dribbling and goal scoring. 

The big play skills.

These are the skills that coaches at all levels love and need to have on their team. Players will be able to create space off of the dribble to make that penetrating pass, or more importantly, bury the ball in the back of the net. Players will have put in thousands of repetitions in tight spaces that ensures when in the penalty box in the last few minutes of an important game, they’ll have what it takes to bury it in the back corner of the net.