The Soccer Box Story

How It All Started.

The Soccer Box is a truly one of a kind concept that is an all-in-one soccer stop for any parent. The Soccer Box services kids from 2 through 18 years old and can challenge players at their level to reach their maximum potential. So many parents are looking for that slight edge to make their player stand out, and we know that The Soccer Box is that X factor.

So many families are investing time and money into extra training. Whether that is private lessons, semi-private training or speed and agility training. Imagine two fathers standing next to each other on the sideline watching their daughters compete as they discuss what their daughters’ have been doing in addition to team training.

As one dad describes the deceptive dribbling and goal scoring his daughter has been working on at TSB, they look up to see his daughter rip off a Maradona turn and bury the ball in the top corner of the net. The other dad asks, “Where is The Soccer Box?”